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You're Allowed

Aromas, sweet and tantalizing, greet you as you open the door.

It's an inviting mixture of baking dough, warm spices and creamy icing rising from a collection of fresh-baked cinnamon rolls and pecan sticky buns. There they are, right behind the glass, ready to savor with a steaming, hot cup of flavored gourmet coffee.

That's why customers flock to T.J. Cinnamons Classic Bakeries -- to indulge themselves with a full menu of sweet rolls and unique coffee blends. From the Original Gourmet Cinnamon Roll ® to the portable, crunchy Cinnachips ®, T.J. Cinnamons offers a delicious choice for breakfast, snacks or dessert.

T.J. Cinnamons Classic Bakeries are in the business of reminding customers of something they may have neglected in the hustle and bustle of daily life: Slow down, stop by, and treat yourself to something sweet and warm. As the T.J. Cinnamons' slogan goes, "You're Allowed".

Cinnamon Twist
A crisp, flaky treat, filled with cinnamon and baked golden brown. Served with our cream cheese icing. >>
Pecan Sticky
A fluffy cinnamon roll, caramel-glazed to perfection and topped with crushed pecans. Available in two and four packs. >>